Commemorating Europe Day, 9 May 2020: Key Milestones of SPGS Phase III

Since 2004, the European Union has sustained funding for the Sawlog Production Grant Scheme (SPGS) - a unique project to encourage tree planting by the private sector, rural communities and institutions in Uganda. With support from the Ministry of Water and Environment as a partner in the project, FAO is implementing SPGS Phase III (2016 - 2021), building on achievements of the previous phases of the project. By providing partial grants and technical assistance to private tree farmers and seedlings to rural communities and institutions, SPGS III has contributed to increasing the country‚Äôs forest cover; with close to 70 000hectares of quality plantations established since its start. In addition to mitigating impacts of climate change through intensive afforestation and ensuring alternative sources of wood, the SPGS project has helped to improve livelihoods by creating jobs for rural communities living around planted forests and enhancing skills of many forestry value chain actors.


Friday, May 8, 2020