SPGS III promotes commercial tree planting during Source of the Nile Agriculture Show

SPGS III was part of the bigger FAO team which exhibited at the Annual Source of the Nile Agriculture Show, 2017- commonly referred to as the Jinja Show, held in Jinja, Eastern Uganda. The objective of the annual show was to provide a platform to “showcase the latest innovation and technologies in the agriculture and trade sectors and well as enable business linkages”. The theme was “Managing Challenges of Climate Change for Sustainable Agriculture” which was in line with SPGS III’s goal to promote commercial tree planting to mitigate climate change effects and raise incomes of rural populations.

SPGS III exhibited information and training materials on various aspects of commercial forestry, including pruning, thinning, and nursery management. The team used the exhibition as an opportunity to create awareness about the SPGS III grants for establishment of woodlots in institutions such as schools and prisons as well as in rural communities. The exposure to SPGS III’s work attracted 153 show goers who signed up to receive training in tree plantation management.

Visitors to the SPGS III stand numbered over 500 in the course of the week-long show and these included: beneficiaries of the project, tree growers, schools, political leaders, armed forces, and researchers. Maggie Kigozi- a celebrated entrepreneur, business leader, medical doctor, and beneficiary of previous SPGS phases, commended FAO for championing sustainable development through commercial tree planting.

Sunday, July 23, 2017